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Antoine Rossignol

(1590 – 1673)


Secretary to the French chancellor, Cardinal Richelieu.



Comenius was supposed to direct his reply to the cardinal’s invitation for him to come to France to Rossignol. Comenius had no wish to sever ties with France, and for this reason sent his letter of apology to Rossignol in Paris by the hand of his adherent Jáchym Hübner (1642), whom he recommended in his stead in the body of the letter.


Interest in Comenius and his work was further repeated by Rossignol in a letter dated August 29th 1642, in which he confirmed Hübner’s arrival in Paris. (The original document is now kept in the Hartlib Archive at the University of Sheffield Library; there is a copy in the J.A.Comenius Museum in Uherský Brod). The expresses support and high regard for Comenius and his work on the Janua rerum, and the wish on the part of Cardinal Richelieu and his circle to obtain Comenius’ services in the reform of youth education in France. Rossignol’s fate after the death of the cardinal on December 4th 1642 is unknown.



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