Jan Amos KOMENSKÝ - life, work, legacy

Alžběta Komenská


also Elisabeth, Bětuška, Alžběta Figulusová

(1629 – post 1670)


Daughter of Jan Amos Comenius and his second wife Marie Dorota (Marie Dorota Cyrillová).


Born at Leszno, coming into the world as the second of Comenius’ five children by Marie Dorota. She married Petr Figulus Jablonský on October 19th 1649; to mark the occasion, her father gave her as a wedding gift a platinum ring set with diamonds. This family heirloom was henceforth always inherited by the youngest son of the family, the eldest receiving his father’s property in bequest. Alžběta had five children with her husband Petr Figulus, who was a bishop of the Brethren and a politician; they were:


                  Jan Theodor (1654-1731)

                  Samuel Amos (baptised December 27th, 1656 – ?)

                  Daniel Arnošt (1660-1734)

                  Marie Alžběta (1665- ?)

                  Petr (?)


Comenius’ descendents in the Figulus family can still be traced today. Given that they are offspring on the distaff side, their surnames naturally vary widely, and include: Figulus, Fischer, Jablonski, Jaschke, Kallik, Lange, Schmidmayer, Wollenhaupt and Zahn.



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